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By extrusion and co-extrusion, Drvoplast manufactures more than 800 different profiles for any purpose:

gaskets for the wood, PVC, aluminium doors and windows
PVC roller shutters
profiles for furniture industry
profiles for interior design
profiles for boats
road side pillars
pipes and sleeves
profiles for various purposes (profiles for containers, camping houses, car industry, awnings, sanitary equipment, massage showers, ceramics, tennis playgrounds, refrigerators, railcars, price tag holders in shopping centres, etc.)

Profiles are mostly made of soft, semi-hard and hard PVC, as well as of other plastic materials such as polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), various thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), thermoplastic rubber (ethylene-propylene-ter-polymer EPDM), polyethylene-vinylacetate (EVAC), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), and other.  

According to the own producing facility Drvoplast produces various types of PVC granulate in different hardness grades (hard, semi-hard and soft) and colours. Production of cardboard transport packaging and furniture are additional activities to the core business. The wide range of our products has its application in various industries: construction industry, furniture industry, automobile industry, production of sanitary equipment, refrigerator industry, production of electric products, production of railcars and trams, boat industry, container industry, production of camping houses, road building industry, tennis play grounds, children play grounds, shopping centres, warehouses etc. We take care about our customer wishes and according to customer wishes we create the range of our products with advantages to the customer - quickness in finishing of products and high quality products. Out own tool shop and competent staff, accepted order quantities for customers, confirmed quality of our products with tradition more than 40 years, own laboratory and controlled production process in all phases – input, process and output control, achieve our main goal 


Our distribution on the West European market is a sign of our quality but also the measure of our efficacy (80% of total turnover is export).


Program ATTI PLAST15.03.2015

Based on acquisition in know-how principle, from the beginning of 2015 Drvoplast gradually introduced into production on location in Buzet program of Italian company ATTI PLAST s.r.l. from Pieve - Bologna.
With this is significantly expanded the existing assortment, introduced are new technologies and materials, and significant progress was made on the Italian market. All together resulted in more employment, and a significant increase of the business income in 2015.

  Production program ATTI PLAST can be viewed through the following link:

Why Plastic?

Plastic can be found everywhere around us.  Wherever you go, you can see plastic, whether it's in the street, your car or a house, your job and especially a shop or a mall.

Nowadays 200 million tonnes of plastic per are produced a year, which is more than all metals together. Due to the fact that only 8 million tonnes were produced in 1960, this is an enormous amount. We can witness plastic becoming a replacement for materials like wood, paper, ceramic, glass, metal...
But why is it becoming so? It is obvious that plastic has features that other materials don't have.

The primary characteristic is weight.  Plastic is lighter than other materials, especially metal, so plastic products provide great savings in daily transport, which is particularly important.

Can you imagine household appliances made out of metal, ceramic or wood? Due to its polymer nature and plastic features, plastic is the easiest material for processing, which means that, compared to other materials, plastic products need less energy for manufacturing.

Plastic is easily dyed in mass and it doesn't need any external protection from corrosion, bacteria, chemical agents or weather. It is generally resistant to acid and lye, and it's also the best thermal and electric insulator.

Since it's chemically inert, plastic is completely medical safe, so different inserts for people are made from it. The advantage of plastic is in its production with special features of any usage (engineering plastic and composite), high level hardness and toughness. That means that it can easily change positions with metal as a construction material and be much lighter at the same time. So there are countless basic raw materials and additional additives for plastic product manufacturing.

Plastic products are separated into 3 groups:

One-time basis or temporary products with all the packaging included, one-time usage products as well as the products with up to one year of average usage. Such products make 40% of total processed plastic. Materials which are at most usage for such products are LDPE (low thickness polyethylene), LLDPE (low thickness linear polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate).
- Permanent products with 3 to 15 years of expiry usage. This group of products includes household appliances, audio-visual equipment, computers, furniture, vehicle parts, toys and sport equipment. These products make 35% of all plastic products. The plastics mostly used for such products are PP (polypropylene), ABS (akronitryl butadiene styrene), PA (polyamide) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
- Infrastructure products with over 20 years of expiry usage. This group of products includes plastic tubes, building joinery and frontal materials, plastic materials for public works, electro-distribution and telecommunications. These products make 25% of manufactured plastic products. The main plastic materials are PVC and HDPE.

Extrusion, spraying, blowing, pressure, calendering or vacuuming requires plastic manufacturing equipment which is simple, cheaper and more energy efficient. There's no cost comparison between a metal foundry or ceramic factory and a simple plastic spraying machine. And also, there's no comparison with a production time which is rather short with plastic.  All the above mentioned things make plastic a material of present and future.

49 YEARS WITH YOU Drvoplast has been established in 1967 when „Unitas“ company joined Zagreb's company „Jadran“ in Buzet.
Due to implementation of our own proprietary conversion of Social company, in 1992 we became a joint stock company with mixed ownership, where all the employees together with the earlier employed ones gained ownership rights in majority share.

At the beginning we manufactured sleeping rooms and plastic profiles. Later, while PVC granulates manufacturing was still intended for private profile manufacturing demands, we organized a manufacture of transport cardboard packaging.

Ever since 2006, we have been increasing our investment in technologic assortment. This refers especially to PVC granulate manufacturing, which helped us increase and update our manufacturing capacities as well as produce a more diverse offer. We also sell our PVC granulate to other market users.
Since 2012 we constantly renewed machine park, and at the beginning 2015, we introduce new production programs in plastic injection molding technology.

Politika kvalitete i zaštite okoliša

Usmjerenost na potrebe i zadovoljstvo kupaca isporučenim proizvodima i uslugama najvažnije su vrijednosti prema kojima Drvoplast d.d. određuje i mjeri svoju uspješnost.

Uvođenjem sustava upravljanja kvalitetom i okolišem sukladno zahtjevima normi ISO 9001:2015 i ISO 14001:2015 cilj je neprekidno poboljšavati kvalitetu svojih proizvoda i usluga, postizanje zadovoljstva svih zainteresiranih strana te sustavna briga o zaštiti okoliša na svim razinama upravljanja. 

Opseg sustava upravljanja kvalitetom i okolišem je: Proizvodnja i prodaja ekstrudiranih i brizganih profila, proizvodnja PVC granulata te projektiranje i izrada alata na lokaciji Ivana Sancina 3, Buzet.

Politika kvalitete i okoliša sastavni je dio poslovne politike Društva, a njeni osnovni ciljevi jesu:

Stalno unapređenje kvalitete proizvoda i pruženih usluga koje će u potpunosti zadovoljiti zahtjeve, potrebe i očekivanja kupaca
Osiguranje pravodobne isporuke proizvoda i usluga kupcima
Razvijanje novih proizvoda i usluga u skladu s zahtjevima kupaca
Njegovanje i promicanje partnerskih odnosa s dobavljačima
Učinkovito i racionalno korištenje svih resursa
Smanjenje reklamacija, škarta i ostalih oblika gubitaka
Socijalna sigurnost i zadovoljstvo radnika
Poštivanje svih zakona i propisa koji se odnose na zaštitu okoliša
Sprječavanje onečišćenja okoliša i ugrožavanja zdravlja ljudi kroz prevenciju i smanjivanje negativnih utjecaja na okoliš
Kontinuiran razvoj i poboljšanje svih procesa u poduzeću vezanih za upravljanje okolišem

Uprava se obvezuje da će u okviru svojih poslovnih obveza raditi na dosljednoj primjeni i neprestanom poboljšanju sustava upravljanja kvalitetom i okolišem, a od svih zaposlenika se zahtijeva puna podrška u provođenju iste.

Politika kvalitete i upravljanja okolišem te odgovornost za pravovremenu primjenu osnovna je obveza svakog zaposlenika Drvoplasta.

Potreba za stalnim usavršavanjem na svom radnom mjestu dužnost je i obveza svih zaposlenih jer si samo na taj način možemo priskrbiti epitet kvalitetnog i pouzdanog partnera i osigurati sebi dugoročan rast i razvoj.

Član Uprave

Irena Pastorčić